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We are the oldest professional background screening firm in China with over 18 years of providing professional pre-employment services.  We have been the premier developer of professional pre-employment screening services in China with the development of our background screening services and Performance Evaluation System (PES) to clients and industries at all levels.

As the leader in our field, and with our powerful and flexible database system, we provide each of our clients with flexible, efficient and specialized pre-employment screening services that are utilized not only in China, but throughout the international community as well.


Huaxia Credit has provided professional pre-employment screening services in China since 2001.
As the founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPSBS) in Asia, Huaxia Credit was the first international pre-employment services and professional credit management agency in China.
The international scope of our business group covers more than 100 countries with multiple services provided to our client-partners.

Huaxia Credit’s strategic goal is to provide professional, effective and reliable pre-employment screening services to each client, regardless of their geographic location or size.


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