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Xiaoning Cao Professor, HuaxiaCRIF

In the autumn of 2001,Barry Connelly, former president of ACB (CDIA), suggested I visit ChoicePoint to become familiar with providing background checks as it was a completely new business to China.
Unfortunately, my travel occurred on 9/11 and my United Airlines flight was diverted to Yellow Knife, Canada, where we were housed for three days until commercial airlines were allowed to fly again.
Larry Chesebro hosted me for three days when I entered the United States via Seattle. Larry, the founder of the Phoenix Group, a background checking company based in Seattle, told me: “Xiaoning, you have physically experienced how important background checks are to national security and to company safety!” I still remember what my friend told me.
From that visit, the background checking business was born in China. In 2005, Huaxia Credit set up a joint venture company with CRIF to continually provide background screening services and HuxiaCRIF became the founding member of NABS Asia Pacific.
Because many people from all parts of the world are coming to China seeking jobs, performing background checks has now been recognized by Chinese companies as an important step in their hiring process. Many international companies are requesting Chinese background check reports as well. NAPBS is the bridge which linked China and the world.
profession are blessed that we have NAPBS. Just imagine the past few years with the increasing legislation, regulation and negative publicity that has arisen about our profession. Now imagine going through the past 10 years without NAPBS to be our voice to the legislators, the regulators and those in the media. It may not immediately appear that NAPBS brings value to you as an individual, but if the background screening profession is how you make your living and support your family, then you and I are blessed that NAPBS is in our lives.
The second word is hope. NAPBS is not a perfect organization because it is run by imperfect people; but, knowing we have NAPBS and seeing the work accomplished over the past 10 years gives me great hope for the next
10 years. I much prefer to face the next 10 years of my professional life knowing NAPBS is there. I will continue to do my part with being involved in shaping our profession.  If we don’t shape it ourselves, someone else will gladly shape it for us.
Blessed that the last 10 years brought us NAPBS and hope for the next 10 years because we have NAPBS. I and my family thank you all.

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